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Debra came from very humble beginnings, raised on a 100-acre beef farm, to positioning herself among international thought-leaders.  Debra is completely self-made, and is a beacon of hope to women everywhere to re-invent themselves towards personal empowerment, happiness & fulfillment. She leverages her wisdom by giving back, offering a hand-up, paying it forward. More


  • Speaker
  • Certified Financial Planner™
  • Author
  • Grief Coach

Debra wears 4 hats; she has a penchant for sharing strategies that can free us from our ‘stuckness’.  Whether you’re facing an urgent financial decision, or simply just “needing to know what you don’t know” about investing, grieving, goal setting or confidence building, Debra brings an impressive array of knowledge, tools, tips, empathy & encouragement, to listen-you-into-speech & offer valuable advice.  More

Why Ms. Morrison

Who else is seasoned with 34 years experience in Money Management & Public Speaking as well as 2 years’ training in Grief Coaching AND has communication skills to effectively share her wisdom but Debra?

Who else can speak about money in every day analogies and have women previously paralyzed by their bag-lady fears laughing?

Who else’s magnetism and fun on the stage, could engage and motivate your next audience like Debra’s? More


Debra writes and speaks in an easy-to-understand, witty yet passionate manner. Her books, CDs & DVDs make great gifts to educate, coach, and mentor women; giving them the tools to empower themselves to live the life of their choosing. More

Book Ms. Morrison

She loves to leverage her wisdom beyond her client base with live speaking events, live and teleseminar workshops, books and educational CDs and DVDs.  See how she can make YOU look great for energizing your company ranks with her fun, yet confrontative let’s-take-action style. More

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Rave Reviews

"Debra spoke words of financial empowerment to me years ago, when I was still a college professor and had time to invest my earnings wisely. I owe my comfortable retirement to her excellent advice."
~ Dr. Virginia Ramey Mollenkott, Author & Professor Emeritus William Paterson University
"Debra's ability to captivate an audience and motivate them to action is outstanding. We engage her year after year to pitch our message to large audiences. She is one of a kind."

~ Myra Terry, Founder & CEO Women's Fund of New Jersey and Past President
"Debra was an inspiring speaker at our celebration of International Women's Day. She got our attention immediately with her opening remarks... "Financial planning for women is NOT find a man!"

~ Sue Holtom, Business & Professional Women UK. Ltd. Bristol Club
Debra is an incredibly engaging speaker, someone who has the rare ability to make light the topic of personal finance which many people view with a sense of fear. Debra offers clear, easy-to-follow advice that puts her listeners at ease and takes the mystery out of such a complex topic and has everyone in her audience laughing while doing so.
Abigail Carter, author of The Alchemy of Loss